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The Lebanese Basketball Federation saw the light at the beginning of sixties, after its separation from the Federation of volleyball, and has gained its own entity ever since. Many successions for the Federation’s presidency took place, which later led to a lot of achievements. The presidential states were not for long periods of time, until 1970 when Toni Khoury was elected president of the Federation and his presidency lasted 26 years, which is the longest so far. Khoury left the presidency in 1996 and Antoine Chartier (coming from the world of volleyball) was elected president in the fall of that year until 1999.

In the late of October 1999, Jean Hammam (also coming from the world of volleyball) was elected President of the Federation, and his presidency lasted five years, from 1999 till 2004. In 2005, Michel Tannous was elected president, his presidency continued for nearly two years and a half (2005-2007). Then Pierre Kakhia was elected (2007 – 2010) followed by George Barakat (August 2010-2012) and Dr. Robert Abu Abdullah (from the end of 2012 till the autumn of 2013) followed by Walid Nassar from 2013 to 2016. On 15 December, 2016, Kakhia was re-elected to lead the governing body again.