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  1. غسان سركيس لصفحة الإتحاد: مواجهاتنا المقبلة صعبة.. وينقصنا هذه النقاط للوصول إلى مستوى الرياضي والشانفيل
  2. الحكمة يستعيد توازنه بفوزه على هومنتمن
  3. الشانفيل يُحقّق فوزا كبيرا على بيروت ويُبقي سجله خاليا من الخسارة
  4. ابي رميا وحلبي لتحرّك سريع | اجتماع بين لجنة الشباب والرياضة البرلمانية واتحاد كرة السلة برئاسة أكرم حلبي
  5. بالصور | فوز مثير لهوبس على الحكمة (103-100) بعد وقتين اضافيين


The Lebanese Basketball Federation is performing in Lebanon by virtue of notified announcement issued by the Ministry of National Education and Fine Arts, under the number 3039 on the date of September 03, 1952, it is a Federation of Associations duly authorized to practice the basketball game in Lebanon, and similar federation shall not be established in the Republic of Lebanon, and it is a member of the International, Asian and Arab Federations of such game and in the Lebanese Olympic Committee, it is committed to their statutes and rules and it is performing in total independency and apart from any interference, and it is performing with no distinction and in absolute impartiality away from any belonging or affiliation. At the same time it is maintaining its presence as a civil authority not governmental which is not seeking for any gains, it is performing legally, legitimately and alone in order to manage the Basketball game in Lebanon and to ensure its independency and all the authorities in order to set and respect the rules of the game. The location of the Federation shall be in Beirut or its suburbs and its board of directors determined the official location of the Federation on the following address: Jal-el-Dib Highway – White House Building – Block (B) – Both Third and Fourth Floors. Aims of the Federation shall be: 1. Supervising the basketball game in Lebanon as for its 2. Binding and consolidating the relations between the Federation 3. Binding and consolidating the relations with the local official 4. Binding and consolidating the relations with the Federations of the 5. Permanent relentless pursuing to banish politics, religion, personal management, organization of its championships, its representation abroad, its spreading and its development. and the Clubs affiliated thereto, as well between the Clubs themselves. competent authorities, with the rest of the Sportive Federations adhered under the flag of the Lebanese Olympic Committee. affiliated country to the International, Continental, Provincial and Arab Federations that are supervising this game interests and personal gains, to work with democracy and transparency with no distinction between race and sex and to adopt equity and fairness.