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  1. يوسف خيّاط مفاجأة المرحلة الاولى من تحضيرات المنتخب.. مجاعص لمنتخب “متجدد” ضمن برنامج عصري ومتطور
  2. لبنان يهزم ايران في افتتاح سلة غرب آسيا للسيدات
  3. هوبس بطل النسخة الاولى لدوري سلة الذكور دون 23 سنة
  4. طي صفحة الملف الأخطر في تاريخ السلة اللبنانية
  5. الرياضي وهوبس في نهائي سلة الذكور دون 23 سنة


Everyone agrees that Lebanese Basketball was marked by many external accomplishments at the level of teams and clubs. The new era of the Lebanese Basketball started in 1993 with the adoption of the foreign players system and the final-four system (semi-finals). The final series adapted by the Federation was the idea of the new president of Sagesse club Mr Antoine Choueiry. At the level of teams, the Lebanese men team was qualified for the World Championship finals, after coming second in the Asian Championship, held in July 2001 in the Chinese city of Shanghai. This achievement is considered the first at the level of Lebanese collective games. The Lebanese team then participated in the World Championship that took place in Indianapolis in 2002, under the era of President Jean Hammam. In 2005, the Cedars team repeated its achievement, since it occupied the runner-up position in the Asian Championship, which took place in Doha (Qatar) under the era of President Michel Tannous, and it qualified for the world finals championships, which took place in Japan in 2006.

The Lebanese National team also qualified to the World Championship for the third time after being granted a wild card from the FIBA in 2010. The Cedars managed to win Stankovic cup at home after beating Japan in the finals in front of thousands at Ghazir Court.